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"It’s too easy, you see, to get trapped in the past. The past is very seductive. People always talk about the mists of time, you know, but really it’s the present that’s in a mist, uncertain. The past is quite clear, and warm, and comforting. That’s why people often get stuck there."
Susanna Kearsley, Mariana (via larmoyante)
"The cigarettes you light one after another won’t help you forget her."
Frank Sinatra (via feellng)
"Ever since I’ve met you, I’ve had no real idea as to what I’ve been doing. I’ve been breaking my back and giving you everything because you’ve been doing the same for me. I’m not sure what this is, this need to be with you, to love you, all I know is that this fucked up thing, this relationship, is something we made together. It’s parts of you and parts of me and I can’t stand it sometimes because it’s everything to me and I feel like I’ve become nothing. I don’t know what this is. All I know is that I’d do anything to protect it."
Words that Could’ve Saved Us (#632: August 7, 2014)
"It’s better to LAUGH without a reason than to CRY for a worthless person."
Unknown (via ohteenscanrelate)

Unnamed -Kenya B.
"Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can’t cry it away or eat it away or starve it away or walk it away or punch it away or even therapy it away. It’s just there, and you have to survive it. You have to endure it. You have to live through it and love it and move on and be better for it and run as far as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to heal."
Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things (via ohteenscanrelate)